THE BIRCHWOOD HALL TRILOGY Three separate, read alone, rip-roaring tales of anguish and romance but along with the conflict comes a little kink in the form of a domestic discipline theme and dominant men who might make you want to pull out and dust off that riding crop or leather tawse from the bottom draw of your dresser.

Lilly Red CorsetLILLY in PAINFUL LESSONS: Starts in Madam Harper’s Domestic Discipline Marriage Academy – where Lilly meets both Polly and Scarlett as they suffer the sharp end of Madam’s cane – and follows her afterwards as she tries to dupe her father out of her dowry without having to spend the rest of her life with some boring chinless wonder with a safe job in the city, but it goes spectacularly wrong and Lilly finds herself in trouble.

Polly Blue CorsetPOLLY in THE CUCKOO WALTZ: Charts Polly’s struggles as she discovers the dreadful truth about her new husband and finds herself caught between doing the right thing and true love.

COMING SOON ************* COMING SOON *************** COMING SOON

Scarlett Green Corset

SCARLETT in KISS CHASE: is the third book in this domestic discipline themed trilogy and is due out very soon. It takes us into the life of Scarlett who is the most complex of this trio of friends. When her mother dies suddenly Scarlett blames herself, believing that she’s being punished for allowing a boy to take her virginity behind the school laundry. When he fails to call her afterwards she resigns herself to a life alone but he turns up seven years later with a proposition she can’t refuse. That should have been her HEA but in truth it’s only the beginning of her heart breaking journey to find love and happiness.




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