I like it when people say ‘I loved your book but it’s not erotica.’ I write noterotica

In my mind noterotica is a hybrid cross that falls somewhere between suspense and contemporary romance and includes scenes of a sexual nature that are there to move the story along rather than just to titillate the reader – scenes that are sometimes sensual and explicit but also scenes that might make your toes curl for all the wrong reasons, and often contain slightly kink based props such as chastity belts, birches and canes.

SAVING ANGEL includes a scene where Angel’s angry husband has her strapped to a stainless steel meat carving table and gives her the option of a hysterectomy or losing her clitoris that is more horror than erotica. It’s a fast paced suspense novel which also contains some slightly edgy breast based torture but it’s also a love story. It’s just that the conflict in this book is a little edgier than most romances.

gigolo cover picIn THE GIGOLO the reader may be lulled into a false sense of sexual bliss as my main characters dine at a country pub and consummate their mutual attraction in the middle of a corn field but my heroine is in for a rough ride before she finds her HEA

hisHIS LOVER might be the only one of my books that begins with an epic sex session that is actually supposed to be sensual and exciting and pushes the boundaries of my characters fantasies but promiscuity will never win out and their lives are sent into turmoil as they are forced to come to terms with what they’ve done.

loTO LOVE & OBEY is basically a love story between a dominant man and a reluctant submissive woman and contains equal measures of sensual sex and painful discipline. This story revolves around a misjudgement on the heroine’s part that leads her to do something foolish in retaliation. It’s easily done but when it involves sex it can never be undone and everyone is forced to face the consequences of my heroine’s mistake.

THE BIRCHWOOD HALL TRILOGY is, in essence, three separate rip-roaring tales of romance but along with the conflict comes a little kink in the form of a domestic discipline theme and cane wielding dominant men who might make you want to pull out and dust off that riding crop or leather tawse from the bottom draw of your dresser – or is it only me who feels that way?

Lilly Red CorsetLILLY in PAINFUL LESSONS: starts in Madam Harper’s Domestic Discipline Marriage Academy – where Lilly meets both Polly and Scarlett – and follows her afterwards as she tries to dupe her father out of her dowry without having to actually marry some boring chinless wonder with a safe job in the city.

POLLY in THE CUCKOO WALTZ: charts Polly’s struggles as a new disciplined wife. Marriage isn’t working out how she expected and her life is sent into turmoil when she finds herself caught between doing the right thing and true love.


Scarlett Green CorsetSCARLETT in KISS CHASE: is the third book in this domestic discipline themed trilogy and is due out very soon. It takes us into the life of Scarlett who is the most complex of this trio of friends. She has resigned herself to a life alone until an old boyfriend turns up with a proposition she just can’t refuse. That should be her happy ending but in truth it’s only the beginning of her heartbreaking journey to find love and happiness.

81QX2NLsdVL._SL1500_THE BEACH HUT is a short story about first time sex and I meant to portray the awkwardness of the moment rather than the sensuality. The moral of this story is in the twist.



SLAVE TO HIS DESIRE: Well, this story is more for fun. Could it happen..? I’m not sure but the sex in this is supposed to be erotic and a little dangerous. It’s another twist in the tale short story with an ending that should leave you satisfied on a literary level if nothing else.

****************X RATED TITLES BEYOND THIS POINT*****************

His Fantasy coverHIS FANTASY is one of only two books I’ve written that was meant to be salacious. The story line is somewhat absurd where my heroine is tricked into becoming a sex slave by her evil cheating husband who has inherited HER father’s extensive estate. It’s kinky, risqué, definitely quite dark and often obscene and its HEA follows in that vein.

Rose in the Reformatory coverROSE IN THE REFORMATORY is the other salacious title. Although ROSE has a strong storyline it is a dark and slightly BDSM themed read. Poor innocent Rose is wrongly sentenced to a life in a reformatory which is run by a corrupt master who abuses her before selling her on to a man she comes to love. It’s not for the fainthearted and doesn’t have a HEA – unless your brain is as dark and twisted as the tale.


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