Domestic Discipline themed Erotic Romance

Lilly: Lessons in Love

The course of true love never did run smooth especially for Lilly in this, the first book in the Birchwood Hall trilogy of domestic discipline themed romances.

NEW Lilly cover      

A strict finishing school – a fraud – a sham marriage – an accident that nearly kills her and Lilly isn’t even doing it for love…


And once you’ve read Lilly: Lessons in Love why not try the second Birchwood Hall novel –

Polly: The Cuckoo Waltz


Unlike Lilly, her feisty friend, Polly is looking for that happy ever after, fairy tale ending but there’s a cuckoo in her nest…


And, coming next year…

Scarlett: Back to School

The third book in the Birchwood Hall trilogy.

NEW Scarlett coverdue

Scarlett is the most complex of the three friends, who first met at Birchwood Hall. She’s outwardly confident and brash but inside she’s hurting and confused.

Scarlett returns home after her marriage course to find her father has found her a potential husband but Scarlett knows this man. He’s hurt her before…



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