Saving Angel gets a cover makeover

Same gritty, adult story but now featuring a new cover

New Saving Angel Cover

That evening they ate dinner on their laps, in front of the TV but Korsk was unusually quiet. He was brooding over something and he seemed unwilling to share it with her. Angel left him until she couldn’t bear it any longer.
‘What’s wrong?’ she snapped.
‘Nothing, darling. Everything’s fine.’ He smiled and reached out to cover her hand with his own but she could tell he was lying.
‘Don’t treat me like a child, Korsk.’
‘You should not have had that party without asking me.’ He changed the subject and continued to stare at the TV as he spoke. It was as if he was afraid to let her see what was in his eyes.
‘I was bored. My husband abandoned me on my birthday.’ Angel knew it was no defence but she didn’t see why she should have to defend her actions. ‘Besides, I shouldn’t have to ask permission to invite my friends into my own home on my birthday.’
He stopped chewing and looked at her for the first time. She could tell he was annoyed but so was she and she prepared herself for a fight.
‘I would not have stopped you, Angelica…but I would have made sure that you were safe.’
Angel felt her cheeks flush. Now she felt a little guilty for going behind his back. She stood up and crossed the room towards him. ‘Let’s not fight, Korsky. Let’s make babies instead.’ She removed the tray from his lap and sat there in its place, straddling his legs to loosen his tie and undo the buttons on his shirt. She planted soft kisses on his forehead and his nose; finally reaching his lips as she undid the last button and reached inside.
His exhaled breath came out as a low rumble of appreciation. He was easy to distract from anger once she got her hands on him. He kissed her greedily, his large hands fumbling with the buttons on her shirt, and when he failed to undo them quickly enough, he grabbed hold of it in his fists and ripped it off.
‘That was a Versace,’ Angel complained.
‘Then I’ll buy you another.’
Angel laughed at his impatience and wriggled out of the rest of her clothes before he could rip them off her.
He planted urgent kisses on her warm skin with his whisky chilled lips until she was sitting naked in his lap.
‘A reporter gate-crashed my party last night,’ she said between kisses.
‘Vlad dealt with him,’ he said.
‘He wanted to know if it was true that we’d spilt up.’ She ignored his comment and carried on talking. ‘He asked me if I knew who you’d left me for.’
Korsk laughed.
‘Have they nothing better to do than create idle gossip?’
‘It’s not true then?’ She made it sound like a joke and he laughed with her.
‘You know how I feel about infidelity, Angel.’
‘I know.’ She kissed him. ‘But you’re never here.’ She wriggled in his lap eliciting strangled groans of pleasure from his lips. She pushed her tongue into his mouth but as she reached down to release his cock from his pants he stopped her.
‘Not now, darling.’ He was breathing heavily. He wanted her as much as she wanted him so why was he stopping her?
‘What’s wrong, Korsk?’
He looked as if he was struggling to find the words to explain when a knock on the door interrupted them.
‘Come,’ Korsk said, and laughed as Angel scrambled off his lap and tried to cover herself with her discarded clothes.
Vlad marched in, stopping only momentarily to glance at Angel’s nakedness before returning his attention to Korsk.
The iceman isn’t even thawed by the sight of my breasts, Angel thought, somewhat peeved.
‘There’s been a breach of security at the Western entrance.’ He spoke quietly, as if he would rather Angel not hear his words, but she did and they worried her. Something really was going on.


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