I suck at Social networking

but that wouldn’t come as a surprise to those people who know me in real life.

I’m pretty much self sufficient. I don’t need anyone else to run the basic edition of my life. I’ve got a plugin husband and a couple of detachable friends, what else do I need?

As an author, a whole other social network on the www, apparently, but tending and feeding these time hungry beasts is becoming counter productive to my goal.

I’m happy to keep on Tweeting. I get a buzz out of sharing my random thoughts, novel lines and the occasional, shameless link to my latest book, and I’ve got this blog – I even, reluctantly, created a facebook page (I have no friends) – but my heart is telling me to stop trying to be something I’m not and get on with something I’m good at.

Tell me I’m wrong. Give me reasons why I won’t succeed without signing up for a plethora of networking sites but for now my head is saying forget them and write books.


2 thoughts on “I suck at Social networking

  1. I would say you probably don’t need to sign up to a plethora of networking sites, so long as you enjoy what you’re getting out of it. These things shouldn’t become a job…right?

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