Is Angry Birds your Achilles Heal?

Or is it Bejewelled Blitz?

What’s your score? If it’s over 400,000 then you’re not doing enough writing.

Being an indie author is so much harder than just handing over your completed novel to an epublisher to polish, publish and promote, leaving you free to start your next masterpiece. When an indie author types the words ‘The End’ it’s the beginning of a whole new job description.

Indie authors can’t afford not to spend time hawking their wares around the internet but it’s all too easy to get drawn into its web and lose yourself for hours. The net is full of distractions and the line between networking and socialising is a blurred one that’s easy to cross without even realising you’ve done it.

My personal weakness is Mahjong and I used to reward myself for a particularly well written chapter with a few games, but now that I’m an indie author I don’t feel as if I can afford to waste my time playing games, and any time that I’m at my computer and not writing should be spent networking and marketing my books.

It’s really all about effective time management – and not having the internet open beneath your Word document like a comic (or erotic novel) in a double maths lesson – and any self employed person has to get to grips with this if he’s going to be a success in his business rather than an expert golfer/fishermen/sailor/name your own Achilles’ heel.

How you do it is up to you. Some people like to write in the mornings, some people prefer the dead of night, but either way you have to spend significantly more time producing copy than you do adding followers to your Twitter account or marking up impressive scores on Bejewelled Blitz.


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