Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery…

But not when it becomes plagiarism for profit.

In the past, I’ve Googled phrases from my ebooks and found them popping up unexpectedly in all sorts of strange places across the internet, and whereas some of them were offering for free what I was trying to sell, no-one was actually trying to steal and make a profit from it.

I was generally quite flattered that someone had gone to the trouble of highlighting my work – it’s all good publicity – and in the main I applaud the people who are acting as my unofficial publicists. Keep up the good work, guys.

I had never seen it as a major problem…until the advent of Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. Now, anyone, even someone who hasn’t written the book, can quickly upload and start selling ebooks to the whole world. Suddenly plagiarism has become a massive, wholesale business and authors are being forced to police their own work.

The free erotica story site,, seems to have suffered more than most at the hand of these blatant thieves – perhaps, simply because this site has so many visitors and such a vast library of work, some of which has probably long since been abandoned by its real author, so there is no-one there to stop the plagiarists from profiting from other people’s hard work.

I just did a search on all of my ebooks. All the places they appear are official. That’s good but it’s left me wondering…what’s wrong with my work? Why is no-one plagiarising me?


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