Oh, Man!

Porn is sometimes difficult to avoid on the internet, whatever words you put into your search engine.

When my husband needed some information on M.A.N trucks he stupidly put the word MAN into Google. Yep, lots of pics (I said pics) but not one of them was six wheeled.

People have put some strange words into their search engines and ended up at my blog. I swear I have never used the words ‘hairy crotch’ in anything I’ve ever written, nor even ‘thong around ankles sexy’ but I’m pretty sure their authors weren’t shocked when they stumbled across my books, whereas the person who typed ‘ceramic hob’ into Google must’ve got a shock when they ended up on an erotica ebook blog.

I still haven’t discovered what ‘bich huiet kuieng’ means, or if they were happy to arrive here and perhaps stayed awhile to read.


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